Health & Safety Information

We take the provision of Safety Data Sheets very seriously, and use the Lycos 'Athena' software to provide Safety Data Sheets in all European languages. As a small company, our on-line presence is quite modest, and we have found that with the rapid changes in EU legislation, we have not been able to develop an independent, fool proof system to keep our customers updated with the latest Safety Data Sheets via a web based 'pull' system. 

To make our system work, we need to 'push' them to you via email. They are available by post, by fax, and by email in Adobe Acrobat format. We have provided some of the more common Safety Data sheets here in acrobat.pdf format which you are welcome to view and to download, you will find links to them from the individual product item within the Fluorine Chemical list.

We are also able to provide more detailed information about the specific handling issues that can arise with some of our materials. If you need assistance with material compatibility or other issues regarding the handling, transfer and use of our products, please contact us.

If you would like us to keep you updated with information, as the legislation changes, please email us a specific request, and we will add you to our Athena database.