S H S & E

Safety Health Security and Environment

Chemical Raw Materials Ltd is committed to Health, Safety, Security and safeguarding the Environment. We strive through our continuous improvements plans to ensure that the products we supply are stored, transported, handled, labelled and used in a safe secure and responsible manner, and with due regard to the environment and all legislative requirements.

We aim to proactively disseminate full and appropriate information to our customers, suppliers and contractors, and promote the exchange of information and knowledge via the Chemical Hazards Communication Society.

We will ensure that our environmental footprint is minimised, and wherever possible it is reduced, by actively seeking energy and resource efficient business solutions, by minimising waste and maximising recyling. At the same time ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

We are committed to the guiding principles of Responsible Care as prescribed by our industry association the Chemical Business Association.

Revised: 9th November 2020 : Carl Mullender , Managing Director